Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday: Tommy Hilfiger

Yes...........the preppier the better!

Awesome lady and dog combo

I obviously think the lady in the red pants is the coolest one in the commercial because she is carried everywhere, not leaving her wine glass anywhere, and walking while everyone else is running after the table.

TH Velveteen Rome Pant

The song in the commercial is by Vampire Weekend and it's the song called "Holiday."

Side note, I love Tommy Hilfiger's apartment at the Plaza.  His son has the most adorable little boy's room I have ever seen! You can check out more pictures on the Harper's Bazaar site.

This is what a little boy's room should look like. 

Love she is wearing a dress to match her bedroom.
Mental note: if ever photographed in bedroom wear dress to match.

xo Sarah