Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday: Movie

I watched "Seems Like Old Times" with Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase last night. I really love this movie. It's "view it now" on Netflix, so I was huddled in bed with my laptop watching this and cracking up.

Chevy Chase is kidnapped and forced to rob a bank.  (There are some holes in that part of the story line.)   He enlists his ex-wife (Goldie Hawn) who is an attorney to help him while he's on the run.  Her husband just happens to be the district attorney... No spoiler alerts from me because I am not going to give anything away!
Goldie is the cutest!
I love Goldie Hawn's character in this movie- tons of dogs, a lawyer, and caring about the people she represents! I hope to be like her when I'm finished with school...I want 6 dogs!!

Dogs love to sleep in bed. I hope one day men can appreciate this!

"Ok Ok they were just leaving!"

"We want to come to work with you!"

"We love taking naps with our momma. Go away buddy!"

Those are my captions, not quotes from the movie! Here's the movie if you want to see it-  Seems Like Old Times

Let me know if you liked it! It's a good one.
xo Sarah