Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday: Pink Christmas

Have yourself a decadent and pink Christmas...

Looks like the same dress as above! 

Hey they have red soles = Pink Christmas!!!

My bookcase!

See this garland?

Do this with the garland!
Dogs need presents too. Dogs choose Juicy.
Oh Lord. Before you feel sorry for the yorkie,  my dogs would probably l-o-v-e to snuggle in this crazy item. 

hmmm..Thinking about painting my living room light pink to look like the Juicy Couture store in London!
RIP Blueprint magazine- I really liked you!
I LOVE this nativity set from Party Pieces 
Personalized pink pencils for a stocking stuffer

Pour Le Bebe!
If you have a little baby in your life, then head to "Miss Monogram" over at Etsy.  She has soooo many cute things for little babies and adults!  I love supporting people on Etsy! 

Also from Etsy, here's a handmade wreath made with vintage ornaments by "Attic Wear" from Pittsburgh, PA! Hey that's where a lot of my family is from! Anyway it's beautiful. Check out etsy before you head to Target or the mall.  A lot of the women on etsy are stay at home moms or women running their own businesses from home.  

"We little piglets are happy you enjoyed our favorite color- our color! Now...don't eat us."

ooooooooohhh Lord.....
xo Sarah