Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday: Christmas

Welcome and get ready for a tiny Christmas preview.. this Christmas I am going to take you by the hand a guide you on a Christmas extravaganza!
Mental Note: If I have a kids, the whole family is dressing up like this

Great Holiday Dress from JCREW (wear pearls)

"Fred Perry" wreath from Martha

The holidays are fun! You do weird things like take the birds off your Christmas tree and put them on your head with your best friend.  (I love you Myke! I can't wait to see you during the holidays!)

Let's kick it off with my favorite Christmas song, by the best singer in history. This specific version is my favorite Christmas song.  I wish I was smart enough to get this on my ipod somehow.  Listen to the whole song... things get moving in this song at 1:40 and 2:15 is magic from then on there.

You have no idea how much I wish I was a backup singer for Whitney for this song!

Elvis Wreath from
This version of "Silent Night" by Elvis reminds me of those quiet moments on Christmas Eve.
It's night time and you are driving on an icy road, and you are thinking the holidays are almost over because Christmas is tomorrow.  Maybe you are thinking about this whispering peace that seems to come about at Christmas.  It can be the most hauntingly lonely time for some or the most treasured time of year for others.  It's a time of reflection and thinking about life and the fragility of it all, how quickly time passes.
Christmas is the quietest time on earth.  It's magic.

Until next time...xo Sarah