Monday, May 30, 2011

To know you is hard

I think we can all agree it's incredibly hard to say goodbye to a shitty friend. 
It really is like a funeral.

Stars forever!

Permanent girl crush

By request: top Cat Power songs. I love Cat Power.  Chan Marshall has the deepest throatiest voice ever and it's fantastic.
To make it more "interesting", I will write my song memories of each song.

He War: Reminds me of driving in San Diego to Pacific Beach arm out of the window, summertime, the whole deal.

Silver Stallion: Well, it's about horses and love.  Maybe this song is about my dream man. I don't know. This song reminds me smoking outside my old apartment in San Diego at like noon on a Sunday wondering what I am supposed to be doing that day.  Maybe song memory wasn't the best creative writing idea.  But maybe that's the thing about Cat Power, it's such peaceful music I can't think of anything but intensely calm moments.

Song to Bobby: OK here's a funny one. I was accidentally driving about 10 mph with a friend to this song. Whoops. I am in love with the way she says DC in this. Even though it's an ode to Bob Dylan, it's a pretty romantical song to play for a dude. He can pretend it's about him.

Space Oddity: PISSED THIS WAS NEVER RELEASED. This song reminds me of spending like 10 minutes every couple of months on google to see if anyone ever got their hands on the full version. Yeah, you know this one is great.  709,000 hits on this on YouTube and endless comments of frustration. Release this song Chan or Lincoln!

Colors and the Kids: I remember first hearing the Moon Pix record when I was in high school. I remember being so blown away by it. I soon after saw her perform at the Black Cat in DC and I was hooked on Chan. I remember laying on my bed with the TV on mute (wow I have not changed. The TV is now on mute and I'm listening to music) and being so blown away. Cat power is daydreaming music, and I will forever be a fan because it's such a special thing when music can evoke memories and emotions.
Colors and the Kids is incredible, and I end this list with my favorite Cat Power song:


Over My Dead Body and the Suicide File.
The Che Cafe San Diego July 22nd. 

If you unfamiliar with Over My Dead Body as a national treasure:

OMBD Lineup: Daniel Sant (Northern Towns), Rob Moran (Unbroken, Some Girls, Narrows) Tommy Anthony, and Aaron Cooley.

Great guys go support them. I'll be there.

Me in 30 years

LOVE YOU MARTHA. Love your biggest fan.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grace Kelly Blue Ombre Dress

BESTIE open letter.

Myke is my best friend.  He was an intern for the show WCL that is taking over in Chicago for the Oprah Show (RIP Oprah Show).

This is my best friend and I'm so proud of him.

This Video:
* The young blonde gentleman in the back row right.
* Holds it the fuck down on his intro (:20)
* Ends the Chicago blah blah blah lilacs info on a FOOD note. (1:50)
* OBVIOUSLY Myke is Val's favorite.

This is magic. And I love it.

I'm going to make you chocolate chips.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Youth Crew

Porcell taking the burger out of the dude's hands gets me every time.

They are playing in Pomona June 5th and 6th with Mouthpiece and Outspoken. 
What I really want to do is listen to Better than a thousand "just one" now....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Mental image for listening to this song:

Dancing in the living room with a glass of wine while your man is sitting on the couch.
Watching you with tie loosened.
After a really good dinner.
Then he gets up to dance with you.
You dance together like they did in 1972 when this song came out....

Get it?

Jon Hamm please.

I'd do anything for you


Frank Ocean - Strawberry Swing (Music Video) from MMCCV on Vimeo.

"When we were kids we had ...each other a reason to say
Every moment was so precious
I’m still kid kid, I’m bad dream in a strawberry swing"