Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday: Classics

One of my favorite songs of all time: 

Play that Arthur Conley song and read my post! I'm a "classics" kind of girl.  Things that are made well are worth your money.  Classics never go out of style..... I feel that true classics are a weird hybrid of WASP preppy style, old fashioned Parisian style, American Country, and a heavy dose of British for good measure. What a mix!!!!!!!!!

Here's my list:

1. LL Bean Tote Bag
Here's one of my LL Bean totes, had this one since 1999!

2. Hermes Scarf

My Queen
Hermes has the best advertisements..

The traditional Hermes silk twill scarf comes in 36X36.  Some women long for rows and rows of Louboutin's and Manolo's.. I long for stacks of orange Hermes boxes filled with beautiful scarves.  They are so beautiful. Nothing is better than a gorgeous scarf, or more classic. 

Alexis Stewart and Kevin Sharkey with his mind blowing collection of Hermes.
There is an new amazing Hermes scarf book out called The Hermes Scarf: History & Mystique. Great gift for someone who loves amazing fashion coffee table books.

3. Cowboy Boots
Mr Cowboy Ronald!
You can thank this guy for making western wear so chic.
Hey!! That's me and my boots!
My boots are much loved, much worn, much stained!
Lucchese are the BEST cowboy boots.  They have been around since 1880!! WOW! If people are still wearing them and talking about them nowadays you know they are great boots. 
Beautiful Lucchese boots

Another Lucchese pair. Already broken in for ya!

Classic song about boots:

4. Loafers

Monogrammed Needlepoint loafers from The Pink Giraffe
The Pink Giraffe offers waaaaay cheaper loafers then the very expensive Stubbs & Wootton ones ($900!).

I LOVE Stubbs & Wooton slippers!
5. Wellington Boots (Wellies)

The Queen wears hers- WITH an Hermes scarf! 
I suggest Hunter Boots- they last forever!

I'll leave you with another CLASSIC song

xo, Sarah