Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday: Decorating for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up (duh).

Do you decorate for the holidays? I think because my apartment is mainly white, it's very easy for me to change around colors. I love to decorate for the holidays.

These are some cute things that I love, that would be cute to decorate for thanksgiving with.
I love Gurley candles. They were made by Franklin Gurley and first started being sold in the 1930's. The candles were never really meant to be burned because they are so cute! They were sold for about 99 cents back in the day but now you can expect to pay up to 10 dollars a piece for them. Here are some examples:

This little turkey vase would be really cute with little flowers on a side table.

Also, if you see vintage holiday postcards when you are out hunting for things, buy them! You can photocopy them and paste them on a tin can and make a vase, or even enlarge it to make wrapping paper. Thanks Martha for the idea! Vintage postcard containers @

If you see one of these L.E. Smith amber turkey covered dishes- get it! They are worth about 50-60 dollars. This dish would be cute with some little candies (candy corn pumpkins) on a side table or next to your flower arrangement in the middle of a table!

I would love a jadite version of the turkey dish:

Are you going to make a turkey cake this year??? 

I'm not because it looks like way too much work!

Various turkey platters can be hung on the wall, or whatever! You decide! I collect the green cabbage Bordallo Pinheiro dishes (collect is an understatement, I hoard). They have plates with a little turkey. I have some of these plates. One day I will do a post about BP dishes. I do not collect other colors that they make, but they also have a light tan color Turkey thanksgiving collection. 

Can we just give Eddie Ross the biggest shout out ever for being the coolest designer? Shout it out loud! Picture is from his blog.

I love the food on Thanksgiving, and while I don't eat turkey on Thanksgiving (or any meat), I think they are beautiful animals and amazing to look at! This picture reminds me of two old friends stuffed to the brim with food on their way to have a drink. 

I will add some pictures of the little Thanksgiving decorations I have in my apartment now and add them when the time is near! xo Sarah