Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday: Secret Vanity Room

This was the whole reason I rented my apartment. I love this little vanity closet. I call it the "Vanity Room." My apartment has so many closets it's crazy and I love that! I have a huge walk in my bedroom too!

I try to keep my apartment decorated very simple and elegant, so anything goes in here!

This is where I do my makeup and get ready. 

The best Vanity Fair cover in history, framed. A cross stitch I did when I was a little girl with my monogram- I have always loved monograms! Also on the left is my letter from Former First Lady Laura Bush which I would take a picture of but it has my family's address on it and I don't think my mom wants that on the Internet!

Picture of my Grandmother. She was so stylish!!!

Makeup brushes in an old milk glass hobnail vase. Oh that award? I won an Oscar for "best girlfriend" last year.... 

This section is an endless battle. I have a piece of marble there where I keep the makeup I am using regularly on it. 

The rest goes in drawers! I love this built in vanity.

Clothes and coats that in rotation go here, the rest go in my bedroom closet and dressers! Yes that is a San Diego Chargers Antonio Gates jersey... that is in rotation. I LOVE Huggable Hangers by the way, there are so many clothes in that little spot. Great invention. 

Perfumes in that are in rotation!

My favorite little Juicy Couture horse! Hi friend. 

This section could use a little help. Or I could use a little help. 

Those four huge Rubbermaid bins are my Christmas decorations. Yes, I love to celebrate Christmas and I will show you all my decorations! I decorate the day after Thanksgiving, I follow Nordstrom's. Ha
I used to do visuals for a big fancy store and I do not like decorating early anymore.

Everything has it's place or it gets out of control easily!

Thanks for checking out my Secret Vanity Room!

xo Sarah