Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday: Vintage Finds

First things first..

Yes dear neighbor, I will watch your little violet. 

Very little violet

Nothing too amazing lately but here's what I've found:

I love the vintagey stocking and noel mugs!

I love the tiny Santa mug!
I put him with the other Santa mugs. 

Not vintage, but I go to UCLA! Go Bruins!

Little bunny covered dish for Easter jellybeans, LARGE pink vintage pyrex baking dish,
and I have tons of those clear green glass plates and a certain someone breaks all my dishes,
so I need as many of those as possible..

Heavy white Fire-King white milk glass bowl


These cards remind me of Marie from The Aristocats. 
Marie was always one of my favorite Disney characters

I thought this was random and funny. 

Plate for the wall in my kitchen. My colors are white, pink, and light tiffany blue.
It will match perfectly!

I got this at this crazy vintage shop in Big Bear during the week.
Boyfriend thinks it's creepy...I can't find candles that will fit in the holders!

Ok maybe it's kind of creepy? I like her though. She reminds me of...

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil statue from the book cover.
Maybe my little Christmas angel girl is a Savannah Georgia thing?
I don't know..
xo Sarah