Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday: Vintage Finds

I haven't done a post about this in awhile so here's what I've found lately:

So Cute. I love the bunny with long lashes for Easter.
Here's the crooked little silver stand pictured above with a bell jar on top.  I have a little old reindeer inside it.  The old bottlebrush trees are from a thrift store too, as is the little glittered reindeer bell jar thing.

Thanksgiving Turkey dish, White fire-king mug, Alice in Wonderland ish children's mug (for my Easter collection)

I LOVE old silver tin containers for "stuff", Time "Man of the Year" frame (it's printed on the glass), and Man on the Moon glass.. for a gift.


Sweet little snowman

Glittered bows

Pretty 60's christmas floral pick

I love this little pink soldier

Favorite movie when I little. The floral pick was in this bag!

New Christmas tags made to look vintage..

They even have a hole for string, no sticky stuff on the back.

I love the snowman. I'll use these for christmas cookies, etc.

Why no... I didn't go to Anthropologie... (this totally looks like something they would sell)

They are really old! The little bow is broken on this spoon rest but that's ok.
This stuff was found in the past two days. I love it all.  I love my "stuff", that's for sure!

xo Sarah