Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday: Shopping

I'm back!!!! I thought I would do a little shopping post since it's Christmas time, and you may be inclined to get your loved one a gift.  As I've said before, I am a lover so I thought I would post some things that I think are great!! Buying from etsy is truly helping the little guy.  You never know what someones financial situation is, your purchase could be really helping someone out a lot!

Let's check out my picks:

Poetry in Motion
Ok I am totally kidding. I was having a little fun and making a little Regretsy moment.  To be totally fair, this is a "Fire Horse Magnet" for your fridge.  They also call it a "fridge photo" and it's 1.99.  You can buy this gem right here: "Fire Horse Magnet." Now I think it's kind of funny and I would totally keep this if someone gave it to me. Ok moving on.

"Provence Monogrammed Grain Sack Pillow" is great. The detail shots of the monogram is seamless. I think this is a good gift for your crazy friend who is obsessed with monograms, or your momma, or even for someone who has a new baby- Why do they need more baby stuff!? Bring on the monogrammed pillow. Be "that person" who gave the monogrammed pillow at the baby shower. You can buy the pillow here: Provence Monogrammed Grain Sack Pillow for $24.00!!! 

Another pillow! This one is really pretty and I think it would be best for someone feminine.  This was apparently featured in a Bridal magazine so I think that's why it has the established "est:1998" on the bottom of the pillow.  I think that's really creepy to have a pillow with the year you were married on it. I l-o-v-e weddings too, it's not that.  It's cuter to have the year you were born or put a fake year. Who cares! I think this is a good gift for anyones mom.  Moms love the serene burlap thing lately.  Zipping right along- you can buy this pillow here: Monogrammed Initial Pillow Slip with Established Date and it's $37.00

This tray is brilliant!!! I want it want it want it.  How cute is this tray??? The monogram is hand painted on this porcelain tray. Enough said about the tray, buy the tray here: Hand painted porcelain custom monogrammed tray for $26.00 

Babar refresher for those who don't know him. 
There isn't much I love more than Babar.  Why yes, I would be the girl who loves monograms and Babar...
Some one made this adorable Babar. Someone who is way better at knitting then I will ever hope to be was hanging out and thought "why not go for Babar?" I love people. You can buy little Babar here: Elephant knitted toy  for $7.50 

Well this is off of the "vintage" section of Etsy, it's a Jackie Kennedy/JFK plate.  This would be cute gift for someone who has a vintage ish apartment or a robin egg blue kitchen, pink bathroom whatever.  

The Tenenbaum House

If your friend loves the decor of the house in "The Royal Tenenbaums" then this is a good gift for them.  Make sure you go to a frame store or Michael's before you wrap the gift and pick them up a $2.00 plate hanger so they can hang it on the wall. You buy the plate here: JFK and Jackie Kennedy vintage plate for $22.00

Gucci ashtray? Sure no problem. Great gift for your fashionable smoker friend, or fashionable smoker girlfriend. Or just someone who loves vintage Gucci, they can have this on a table by the front door and throw their keys in it. You can get it here: Authentic Gucci Ashtray for $110.00

Last one. Fig candles are amazing and combined with vanilla it's a glorious thing.  These are handmade in Arlington, Virginia.  HEY! That's where I went to grade school and high school!! It's literally right next to Washington DC. Anyway here you go: Fig and Vanilla by Sydney Hale Co. for $22.00

xo, Sarah