Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday: Chloe Hair

Chloe ads have the best hair.  They give good hair.  Healthy beautiful gorgeous hair.  I love everything about Chloe so this is just an added benefit.
See what I mean:

Chloe's Spring 2001 collection by Stella McCartney made me love her.  I love horses.. therefore I love Stella McCartney. 

The dress Stella McCartney has on is a screen of "WhistleJacket"
only my favorite painting in the world by George Stubbs.
 You see how the love formed?
George Stubbs painting below "Lion Attacking a Horse"
George Stubbs painting that was screen on that top.


WhistleJacket again.

The magnificent WhistleJacket painting by George Stubbs.
It is almost life-size and is at the National Gallery of Art in London.
It is my favorite painting in the world. 
You can see the rest of Stella McCartney's collection for Chloe Spring 2001 (THE YEAR) here on

My little Jack Russell Stella- ex-boyfriend has custody but I have visitation rights. 

xo Sarah