Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Sweater

I do not like how they styled this photo.
1. The Sandals are terrible.
2. The shorts are ehh
3. Not crazy about his belt.
4. Messenger bags?? NO.
5. The sweater is amazing.
6. The sweater is $319.00 on SALE at Ralph Lauren.
7. Get inspired and find this rad sweater at the thrift store. 
8. I love crewnecks.
9. I am 99% sure they pinned this sweater in the back.
10. I love this sweater. If you want to buy it, it can be found at Ralph Lauren.
11. Wanna know how I would style it?
12. Girls: High ballerina bun, pearl studs, cut off light demin jean shorts and hunter boots.
13. Guys: I don't know. Jeans.