Saturday, June 4, 2011


SO, here's my backstory on this song.

Like any proper girl in 1993, I got the "Very Necessary" CD right when it came out. "Shoop" was playing on the radio non-stop and EVERY GIRL LOVED THAT SONG.  TO THIS DAY.  1993 I was in.... 5th or 6th grade. So I remember being at extended day after school, which was like basically for kids whose parents can't pick them up on time, and listening to this cd on my discman.  I remember hearing this song and immediately getting out my notebook and pausing/playing so I could write all the lyrics down.  I think that was the first time I did that, and I did that 8 million times later.  That's how you learned the words! You could not google the lyrics to songs back in my day, KIDS.  Very rarely did they have all the lyrics in liner notes. When this was released as a single, I remember feeling sooooo cool I already knew all the words and there may have been a few sleepover parties where this song was performed.....Hey we were like 11.  To this day I still love this song, it was actually one of the first 20 cds I owned (my first CD: Mariah Carey - Music Box).  If I made an "I'm dying and I need to hear it before I go" playlist, this would certainly be on it.


Week 1: Al Green- "What a Wonderful Thing Love Is"