Wednesday, June 8, 2011

$300 T SHIRT.

The designer for Givenchy, Julien McDonald designed the cover artwork for the JayZ/Kayne West song HAM.

That being said I would totally wear this shirt if I got it for free, but $300, I think not. This goes up there with the Hermes $130 dollar coloring book. The thing about "designer t's" is they suck. They spend so much time using like the best weight cotton, etc that they miss the face that the raddest, the best, the shut it the fuck down t shirts are the ones that a sheer weight like they have been around for 20 years. Soft, thin, cotton wins. Heavy weight structured crispy cotton is just too intense. 

If a girl is reading this and decides to go rush over and pre order this shirt for $300 at LUISVIAROMA, wear it with black skinny jeans that are fresh. No old black skinny jeans. Fresh super black with black stilleto high heels. Tons of gold rings and tiny gold ball stud earrings, maybe hair in a high messy ballerina bun. 

If a dude is reading this and gets this shirt. Wear it with basketball shorts and a red beanie. Seriously. You don't need to dress it up in the streetwear uniform.

The song is kind of over, HAM is being way overused in cringeworthy conversations all over the country. The best part of the song HAM was the opera at the end. 
..and this from Aziz Ansari's blog: