Monday, May 2, 2011

When I get married....PT 2

So it seems to me, every woman gets some kind of splurge at her wedding. Whether she chose an expensive gown, or a raw bar, or a destination wedding.. it's all splurge!

so I would love mine to be.........

Congrats to all the horses involved in the 2011 Royal Wedding. WHOOOO!

Imagine: the entire wedding party on horseback!!! Knowing the people who be on MY SIDE of the aisle  in my wedding party, they would get a kick out of it! The picture below would be even more amazing if everyone was on horseback facing forward.

This wouldn't even be a "splurge" per say, more like a huge pain in the ass. 

But a girl can plan, and wish.

Do you remember THIS POST?

Well the commercial came out for it, and it kills me. Hello? Gorgeous!! This is my porn.
It's so perfect, down to the dog falling out of the carriage. That is so Winston or Sophie (my dogs).

Off to the gym. Coming home to my dogs. The single girl shuffle.