Monday, May 16, 2011

Any man of mine

"Of course.
I just wanted to go to bed and never get up.
I trusted you, I confided in you and you were the one.
I'm so glad we're sitting here and you brought this up today because I've come a long way since this happened to me. I didn't like where I was I was like you all, hearing the story, angry. I didn't want to be like that. I don't want to be like that.

"Can read you from page 354?"

I was freezing cold all the time and my only relief came when I would strip off my clothes get into a steaming hot bath. 5 times. 5 times a day that is. Yet I'd be shivering most of the time, shaking uncontrollably. My teeth chattering violently.  Out of the bath, I would wear a wool coat over my pajamas. Plus wool socks and a scarf. I couldn't get rid of the chills.
It made no difference, I couldn't get rid of the chills, and at the same time I was sweating profusely.
It was if my body was trying to purge itself from the emotional agony inside, by forcing the pain out of my pores so I didn't drown in it.
Yes I think I was dying.
How long did that last?
The most intense part of that was for one full week.
That's just shock.
I had to get out of bed.
I had to act. I think it's OK for sometimes to say "right now I've got to be strong'
I feel I've had to find the balance.

Yes I wanted the details. It was hard at the moment, but I was able to then work through what I knew, and then in the end come to understand.
Without knowing the details your imagination is left to run wild.
Then you start conjuring up all these things.
It gives you opportunity to respond and react at the moment.

I never got the details. I never get any of the details, I did everything I could to get the details.

That was it."

-Shania Twain interview with Oprah

You can watch this clip here: Shania Twain on Oprah. Incredible.

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