Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday: Oscars

This post isn't about actual the show the Oscars, if really a post about if you come to Los Angeles and want to see something on Oscar night.

Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly

I will take this time to say that this is the first year I have disagreed with the Academy on who was nominated for Best Actress.
Gwyneth Paltrow for "Country Strong"
Kimberly Elise for "For Colored Girls"

Best Supporting Actress:
Phylicia Rashad for "For Colored Girls"

I can't believe "For Colored Girls" wasn't nominated.  I'm honestly annoyed that Black Swan will win so many awards. I feel they should only win for "Best Costume" by Rodarte and they aren't even nominated in that category!

As you can see, I won an Oscar last year.  For Best Girlfriend.

If you want to see Oscar stuff going on. DO NOT. I repeat do not bother trying to get to Hollywood and Highland to the Kodak.  You will not see a thing. I promise you that.

Go to Saddle Ranch on 8371 Sunset Blvd and have dinner and drinks.  Once the Oscars are over, and they have eaten dinner at the Governor's Ball, you will see all the celebrities you want going in and out of the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.  Some of the celebs walk there (I don't know why) so you can see tons of people.  Some of them don't want to wait in traffic to be officially let out of their cars so they get out of their cars way down the road and walk to the Sunset Tower Hotel.

Also you can go to In and Out at 7009 Sunset Blvd and try to see celebrities which we did last year as well.  We only saw Miranda from Sex and the City and talked to a paparazzi for 20 minutes.

Faye Dunaway at the Beverly Hills Hotel

I will be watching it at home but it really is fun to go out on Oscar night..

xo Sarah