Thursday, April 14, 2011

When I get married...


This photo from the Ralph Lauren Romance Ad is totally going to be the same style photo I want for my "save the date".  Perfect. Save in the "wedding who the fuck knows when that will happen" file.

I remember saying to my ex one time regarding weddings: I think it's so special and amazing that someone could love someone else so much that they would want to marry them.

I love weddings. Everything about them. Everything. But I love the idea of marriage. I love the notion of growing old and grey with someone. Finding someone you have real, real, love with is not as easy as one thinks.

And what 80 year old woman doesn't need her man to carry her purse for her once in awhile?

Oh love......

Here are the stand-in models for my one day "save the date" announcement.

Horses, a man I love, and my dogs somewhere.